InMedia Digital AG
A revolutionary digital media start-up, enabling global brands, media and marketing agencies, studios, celebrities and content partners to capitalize on their online customer engagement, by creating new revenue sources via exciting forms of interactive web-based video platforms and viewing content.
W h a t   d o   w e   o f f e r ?
Interactive product
InMedia Digital’s interactive player enables brands and e-commerce operators to bring their product presentation to the next level. Our solution lets the customer to engage with the product or service in an interactive, engaging manner, something what other traditional photo or video presentations don’t allow. The result in 3x more conversion, sales and ROI than the traditional demonstration tools.
Interactive video
InMedia Digital’s video personalization platform enables brands and marketers to execute mass video personalization to their customers based on a general video message. InMedia Digital’s real time and fluid video personalization solution is a fully managed solution, what is quick and easy to use. No matter if it’s a direct marketing effort, a website or a private message, the end customer gets a completely personalized video message what results in over 90% customer engagement.
Interactive story telling
InMedia Digital’s interactive storytelling is based on a fullscreen, “choose your own adventure”, interactive video platform that allows the viewer to decide what to do next, how to interact with the plot and change the outcome of the story. The main aspect of the experience is to engage in virtual reality with a person, scene or perspective, while playing and interacting. The platform enables celebrities, film studios, brands and marketers to create an engaging and personal interactive story that results in over 90% viewer engagement, 3x more sharing rate, in-depth user analytics, more revenues and an outstanding ROI.
Support and analysis
InMedia Digital offers full online support for all aspects of the Interactive Platform. This includes but not limited hosting, continuous platform development, around-the-clock platform availability and uptime guarantee. We provide our customers with in-depth data and analysis that helps clients to build efficient interactive shows, efficient user profiling, and content personalization.
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